5 leadership qualities that everyone admires

5 leadership qualities that everyone admires

Everyone knows the best leaders are the powerful, mogul type people who instill fear like Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wear’s Prada” or J.P. Morgan while building his banking empire. After all, who doesn’t love second guessing their every move to keep their job? Actually no, let’s try that again.

Everyone knows that the best leaders are the ones who inspire their own people to be the best they can be. And they make decisions that help make the company the best it can be. Not only in market space, but company culture, and long-term vision too. There, that’s better.

Here are 5 leadership qualities that we’ve found most people admire and can help lead the charge for a constructive path towards positive digital change:

1. Creating clear values and visions

In previous blog articles, we highlighted the importance of having a vision for everyone in the organization to provide clear focus and direction. When values are clear and meaningful, everyone knows what to do and how to make the best decisions possible. If it doesn’t align with the vision, they make a different choice.

2. Embracing new technologies (and people)

Not all companies or leaders are open to technological changes, but it is the most crucial way to advance a business in today’s world. Approaching new technologies in a positive light opens your eyes to new and exciting opportunities. And who knows, you may just end up boosting the morale of your company culture in the process.

3. Striving for continual improvement

Digital leaders need to have serious energy for action and be driven by change. They are obsessed with finding the absolute best technology to improve customer retention and value, even before the customer realizes it’s what they need.

4. Using data and technology to enhance decision making

Successful leaders use technology to work smarter, not harder. They use Big Data and machine learning whenever possible. They use clouds and SaaS to make their processes leaner and more scalable. Those who don’t will not succeed in the world of tomorrow.

5. Failing fast and learning even faster

No great leader is without flaws, it’s a key component to rising to greatness. Embracing these failures and knowing how to turn them into opportunities for learning and growth are what make them unstoppable. Embracing digitization helps to make these processes, and you yourself, better over time.

We can’t always see the future perfectly; we don’t have a crystal ball to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong. But trying, reading, listening, and researching our way forward are the closest things we have to arming ourselves with everything we need to learn and grow in the digital age.

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