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Unleash your competitive edge with our digital talent strategies. 
From talent acquisition to development, we offer tailored solutions 
for recruiting leaders or upskilling your internal talent.

Unlock your organizations digital 
potential with our talent strategies

At Search & Co., we specialize in building digital competencies. As experienced digital leaders, we offer tailored talent solutions using our "Buy, Build, Borrow" strategies and innovative tools such as our Digital Assessment Suite to evaluate digital skills, potential and organizational maturity.

Our established network in the digital scene and active sourcing approach allows us to effectively counteract talent shortages in the market. Additionally, we provide upskilling solutions through customized training programs, leveraging our partnership with renowned Swiss universities.

Our 3 proven, success-creating
Talent Strategies

01 — “Buy”

Executive & Specialist Search 

Attract talents in an age where passive recruiting no longer suffices. We use our long-lasting experience and extensive network in the digital space to source talent directly, motivating even passive candidates to make the switch - thus counteracting the talent shortage in the market. Let us help you attract the right talent capable of transforming your business.

“The lack of digital competence is the biggest obstacle to digital innovation. Is your company adequately prepared for digital change?”

“Do you have a plan to address digital skill gaps and meet digital business demands?”

02 — “Build”

Talent Development

Boost your team's digital capabilities and mindset with our customized upskilling programs, including keynotes, leadership seminars, self-study courses, and Fit-for-Digital Masterclasses. Developed by our digital thought leaders in partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences HSLU, our programs provide the latest skills to cope with digital business acceleration.

03 — “Borrow”

Digital Board Advisory

Use our Digital Board Advisory services to strengthen your strategic direction in the digital transformation and make your company fit for the future. We offer you access to a select pool of digital experts and executives who can act as advisors for your digital advisory board. 

“How can you ensure that your company management acts with sound expertise and strategic foresight in the digital era?”

But wait! 
How do you decide which of those 
strategies (1, 2 or 3) is right for you?

“Your organizations digital maturity 
defines the appropriate talent 
strategy. Let us help you choose 
the right approach.”

04 — “Benchmark”

Talent Assessment 

Our "Digital Maturity Assessment" determines your company's digital maturity level, allowing us to recommend the appropriate talent strategy to accelerate your digital change. This may include recruiting experienced digital leaders, upskilling internal talent, or hiring temporary staff. Combined with our digital assessment tools, we can develop your individual talent strategy.

Here’s how your iterative learning 
journey with Search & Co. propels 
your organization forward

Your transformative learning journey with Search & Co. begins with an assessment of your digital maturity level to determine the suitable talent strategy. Leveraging our assessment tools, we analyze your existing skills inventory and unover opportunities for upskilling. By aligning the identified competencies with future-proof skill needs, we can efficiently address your digital skills gaps by implementing tailored upskilling measures.

Tailored to your individual learning needs, we implement a comprehensive development program. To proof the undeniable effectiveness of these upskilling efforts, we regularly conduct reassessments to uncover new potentials, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of digital skill demands. Embrace a culture of continuous learning where growth is not just a goal, but an integral part of DNA.

Join us on this transformative journey and witness
firsthand the power of our holistic approach.

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What our clients have to say 
about Search & Co.

Upskilling — “Build”

“Collaborating with Search & Co. for an upskilling program was transformative. Their specialized knowledge and insightful mentorship empowered our leadership teams to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.”

Bruno Hauser

Co-Head of Human Resources, EKZ

Recruitment — “Buy”

Recruiting with Search & Co. was a game changer. They took the time to understand our needs and adopted an innovative recruiting strategy. Thanks to their expertise and network, we were able to fill a critical gap quickly.

Martin Baumüller

CMO, Group Executive Board, Geberit

Ad Interim — “Borrow”

The interimistic CIO provided by Search & Co. was highly qualified and available for a short-term assignment, allowing us to bridge a digital skill gap quickly and ensure business continuity without committing to a full-time hire.

Michael Sarbach

Managing Director, Regionalwerke Baden