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Cultivating a digital-first workforce is essential to excel in today's 
fast-paced world. Our assessments provide valuable insights
into your organization's and talents' maturity, skills, and potential.

Master your digital 
strategy with the help of our 
Digital Assessment Suite

Our proprietary assessment suite offers comprehensive evaluation of your organization's digital maturity, the potential of team members, and skill levels in over 80 relevant digital competencies. Our assessment suite provides a one-stop-shop you need to safeguard your digital strategy and ensure your talents are equipped to handle the ever-accelerating pace of digital business.

Our digital assessment suite has been developed 
in close cooperation with

University of Applied Sciences & Arts 
Northwestern Switzerland

Lucerne University
of Applied Sciences & Arts

Digital Skills Assessments

Get proof of competence, 
fast and bias-free

Screen digital talents effortlessly with our 80+ comprehensive Digital Skills Assessments for a fast, unbiased, and reliable analysis of your talents' digital skills profile, based on sound aptitude diagnostics.

Our digital skills assessment helped brands like these fill digital skill gaps

What our customers say:

“In Berlin's dynamic talent landscape, Search & Co. outstandingly filled the position of a Software Engineer for us. Their expertise and network were crucial in securing the right candidate for our digital team in a highly competitive market.”

Christophe Schmidt

CEO, Gebana

“The Digital Skills Assessment tool was a game-changer for our organization as it provided me with valuable insights into the capabilities and strengths of my team members, enabling me to tailor their upskilling programs to maximize each individual's potential.”

Christian Rymann

Head of Digital, Schindler

63% of organizations consider the lack of digital skills to be the biggest obstacle to digital change.

A recent report by Deloitte highlights a stark reality - the majority of employees lack the skills needed to succeed in the digital landscape, requiring skill development to adapt to new realities.

Ready to see why you should benefit from 

our Digital Skills Assessment?

Talent Acquisition

Get proof of competence before you hire

Revolutionize your recruitment process by having candidates demonstrate their skills instead of relying on self-reported abilities that could be embellished. Quickly shortlist top talent bias-free providing them with an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.

Talent Development

Create a continuous learning culture

Assess your team members' skills among 80+ job-relevant digital abilities, identify individual skill gaps, and empower talent development through data-driven decisions on retaining, developing, or sourcing top talent for job-relevant skills.

Who prefers Digital Skills Assessments?

Committed teams striving 
to master digital change

Companies embracing 
objective skill-based hiring

Digital professionals attaining 
academic skill certificates

A comprehensive inventory 
of digital skills

Use accredited tests with sufficient proctoring features, detailed 
performance reports and recognized certificates by academia.

Our assessments have been developed with renowed experts in 
reasearch and practice to test the skills that matter most.
Our team of experts is continuously working on the further development of our 
assessment library to stay up to date with digital trends.

Maximize hiring success with
accredited tests over self-assessment

Make smarter hiring decisions with our scientifically validated tests tailored to 80+ skills for any job role in the digital context complete with ready-made job templates.

We make screening talents affordable

Gain valuable insights into the digital capabilities of your talents and...


Reduce time to hire and hiring costs.

Develop and maintain internal talents rather than recruit.

Enable targeted upskilling practices to close digital skills gaps.

Enhance hiring quality, avoid mishires, reduce attiration.

Skills assessments available for
80+ digital skills

Information & Data Literacy
Communication & Collaboration
Performance Marketing
Protection & Security
Methods & Concepts
Digital Team Leadership
Digital Mindset Traits
Digital Change

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