Digital Board Advisory

Do you need support in strategic issues relating to the digital

change through a digital advisory board? We offer access to

a diverse pool of digital advisory board experts.

Do you have a digital advisory board?

In the dynamic digital age, members of management, boards of directors and supervisory boards face complex challenges. Sufficient digital competence and expertise in the governing bodies is crucial in order to make far-reaching decisions that promise success.

Experience at first hand

As seasoned executives and digital veterans, we provide board advisory services and are available to you as digital advisory board members in your digital transformation. 

Digital Advisory

We support managers in questioning existing strategies and developing their digital agenda in order to identify innovation potential and strengthen their competitive position. We also offer maturity and team assessments as well as the development of target operating models.

Members in Your Digital Advisory Board 

As experienced digital veterans, you can appoint us as external sparring partners and advisors to your supervisory board. As seasoned executives, we bring extensive knowledge and experience to offer your company valuable insights and strategic direction.

Digital Veterans Association

Your gateway to a 

network of digital leaders

Through our Digital Veterans Association, we have access to a first-class network of over 100 other experienced specialists and managers with expertise in a wide range of industries and fields of competence. Depending on the digital challenges in your company, we can bring in the right experts and thus offer valuable experience.

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