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By 2025, 75% of companies will face major business disruptions due to digital skill gaps.

Gartner's recent report indicates that organizations with strong digital skills adapt faster to changing market conditions. Thus, businesses should adopt a talent strategy that acquires, develops, and retains digital talent to stay competitive, innovative, and grow.

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But how do you unlock the secret to a winning talent strategy? Addressing these crucial questions will help guide your approach.

How can we attract, develop and retain digital talent to ensure we have the right skills in place to navigate the digital landscape?


How can we identify digital skill gaps within our existing workforce, and assess the potential of our employees to upskill?


How can we make digital upskilling programs scalable for our employees while aligning them with our business objectives?

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Search & Co.

Unleash your organization's digital potential with Search & Co.—the leading digital talent advisory. We specialize in expert recruitment, upskilling, and interim management services, leveraging our industry knowledge and vast network. With 25 years of digital leadership expertise, we empower businesses to discover, develop, and retain top digital professionals who drive success in the digital age.

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Discover the story behind Search & Co.
Markus Dobbelfeld Managing Partner

Throughout his career as a board member and CMO/CDO of major international corporations, Markus has built expertise in leading multiple digital change initiatives. By spearheading disruptive digital business models, he has achieved remarkable commercial results for global companies, such as Hilti, Credit Suisse, Adobe or Thermomix. His extensive experience has taught him that the ultimate success factor in digital change is not technology—but people.

Frederik Thomas Managing Partner

With years of experience as a digital executive, ex-CIO and visionary driver of digital change, Frederik has showcased his digital leadership skills by successfully implementing numerous digital transformation initiatives across industries and markets. He has an extensive background in building, leading, and restructuring large-scaled digital organizations, which has made him become an expert in digital strategy and business innovation.

Both Markus & Frederik are recognized 
lecturers in digital leadership

By sharing the latest knowledge and trends in the digital space at prestigious Swiss universities, they are proudly empowering the next generation of digital leaders.

Client experiences 
Inspiring stories of success

“We sought the guidance of Search & Co. for key leadership positions in marketing and communication, and they delivered exceptional outcomes. Their all-encompassing methodology and extensive connections drew in top talent, contributing to our success.”

Oliver Zimmermann
Oliver Zimmermann

CEO at Condair Group

“Search & Co. demonstrated exceptional proficiency in recruiting a digital leader. They comprehended our unique requirements and pinpointed the ideal candidate. Their valuable contribution strengthened our digital capabilities and propelled our marketing efforts.”

Thomas Szuran
Thomas Szuran

CMO at Galenica

“We enlisted the expertise of Search & Co. to recruit a head of digital, and they exceeded our expectations. Their profound knowledge and extensive network attracted top-notch talent, ensuring a perfect fit for our organization's digital leadership needs.”

Gabriela Stehlin
Gabriela Stehlin

Head of HR at Geberit

“Search & Co. accomplished a successful head of e-commerce recruitment for Kambly. Their specialized competence and expansive candidate network enabled us to secure a highly skilled professional who has significantly contributed to our digital growth.”

Jan Cermak
Jan Cermak

Member of the Board at Kambly

“Facilitating a partnership with a Digital Thought Leader from Search & Co. proved to be a transformative experience. His insights and mentorship have been invaluable in elevating our internal talent development initiatives.”

Milos Miric
Milos Miric

Regional Head of HR Europe at Holcim

“Through our collaboration with Search & Co., we successfully devised a go-to-market strategy that impeccably aligned with our objectives. Their specialized insights and strategic expertise played a pivotal role in shaping our approach and propelling our business forward.”

Eric Bulach
Eric Bulach

Director Strategy, Products & Markets at Rafi

“Search & Co. effectively recruited critical leadership positions for ZFV in the areas of business development and marketing. I was very impressed by their comprehensive methodology and extensive professional network.”

Angela Tauro
Angela Tauro


The interimistic CIO provided by Search & Co. was highly qualified and available for a short-term assignment, allowing us to bridge a digital skill gap quickly and ensure business continuity without committing to a full-time hire.

Michael Sarbach
Michael Sarbach

Managing Director at Regionalwerke Baden

"Search & Co. instilled inspiration in our global marketing team through impactful upskilling initiatives. Their expertise in engaging the B2B community, adapting to the demands of the digital business, and fostering a learning organization equipped for social selling has been immensely valuable."

Andreas Meile
Andreas Meile

Head Global Communication & Brand Management at Belimo

“In Berlin's dynamic talent landscape, Search & Co. outstandingly filled the position of a Software Engineer for us. Their expertise and network were crucial in securing the right candidate for our digital team in a highly competitive market.”

Christophe Schmidt
Christophe Schmidt

CEO at Gebana

“The Digital Skills Assessment tool was a game-changer for our organization as it provided me with valuable insights into the capabilities and strengths of my team members, enabling me to tailor their upskilling programs to maximize each individual's potential.”

Christian Rymann
Christian Rymann

Head of Digital at Schindler

Oliver Zimmermann
Oliver Zimmermann

CEO at

Thomas Szuran
Thomas Szuran

CMO at

Gabriela Stehlin
Gabriela Stehlin

Head of HR at

Jan Cermak
Jan Cermak

Member of the Board at

Milos Miric
Milos Miric

Regional Head of HR Europe at

Eric Bulach
Eric Bulach

Director Strategy, Products & Markets at

Angela Tauro
Angela Tauro


Michael Sarbach
Michael Sarbach

Managing Director at

Andreas Meile
Andreas Meile

Head Global Communication & Brand Management at

Christophe Schmidt
Christophe Schmidt

CEO at

Christian Rymann
Christian Rymann

Head of Digital at

By partnering with 
Search & Co., you will …

Stay ahead in the digital economy

We act fast and holistically, working on multiple levels to help you navigate the digital challenges and create new value for customers and employees. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your organization will stay competitive and relevant in an ever-changing digital economy.

Identify digital maturity, potential & skills

Our assessment suite is your one-stop-shop for all your digital assessment needs. It provides you the tools to evaluate your company's digital maturity and establish a digital skills inventory of your workforce, enabling you to ensure that your employees possess the necessary digital skills for the digital era.

Realize your digital potential with guidance

We're passionate about helping your organization realize its digital potential, providing tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs and goals. With our expertise and dedication to your success, we're confident that we can help you achieve your digital transformation goals and drive lasting business growth.

Access a massive pool of digital talent

Our extensive international network of digital leaders and subject matter experts allows us to source suitable talents quickly and deliberately. Approaching passive candidates through active sourcing gives us access to a very large talent pool  ensuring to finding the best talent for your needs in every case.

Work hand-in-hand with Digital Veterans

With our team of long-serving digital leaders, we bring tons of practical knowledge and a track record of success in creating impressive commercial results through disruptive digital business models. We've been there, done that, and learned from our mistakes, which makes us your perfect partner in digital change.

Gain access to qualified experts in upskilling

As program directors and university lecturers for digital leadership and transformation, we have not only the content-related and didactic knowledge to establish digital skills but also a high-caliber academic teaching staff at hand through our educational partner, the Lucerne University of Applied Science, HSLU.

What differentiates 
our service?

Our exceptional, 
free “Talent Market” 

Supercharge your recruitment strategy with our exceptional, cost-free pre-screening service. Discover the value of accurate market insights into the potential candidate landscape, empowering you to confidently forecast successful vacancy closures - all without the need for any commitment to a recruitment mandate.

30 days “Time-to-
Hire” Guarantee or 
get 25% off*

Hire top digital talent in just 30 days with our time-to-hire guarantee. If we don't deliver, you receive a 25% discount. Our extensive network ensures we find the perfect fit quickly. Don't let vacancies slow you down — contact us now for top-tier talent in record time. *Special conditions may apply.

Our one-of-a-kind 
“6-Month Mentorship” 

At Search & Co. we take pride in providing personalized guidance as an integral part of every search mandate. Our commitment to a 6-month integration mentoring by our managing partner sets us apart, helping your organization unleash its full digital potential.

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