Talent Development

Boost your team's digital mindset and skills with our upskilling 
programs, while fostering a culture of continuous learning,
retaining top talent, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Keep pace with shifting skill 
needs. Upskill your workforce.

According to Deloitte, 90% of employees lack sufficient support for developing digital skills, leaving just 34% satisfied with their organization's efforts. Quick learning and new skills have become crucial competitive advantages in the rapidly accelerating digital disruption.

Don't let your organization fall behind in the fast-paced digital landscape. Invest in internal upskilling to ensure your success in digital change. Our various programs are developed by our digital thought leaders in partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences HSLU.

Unlock the full potential of your 
teams with our digital 
upskilling programs

Experience unparalleled education at the highest level with academic 
certification through our close partnership with the esteemed Lucerne 
University of Applied Sciences HSLU.

Upskilling programs dedicated to leadership teams

Equip your leadership teams with actionable insights to tackle digital 
challenges. Our tailored learning concept delivers results through a multi-
phase, expert-guided learning journey based on your individual needs.

Keynote Lectures

Inspirational 1h-sessions (or series) by digital thought leaders on digital change with best practice cases; hybrid.

Fit-for-Digital Master Class

Custom 1 or 3-day programs on digital change, leadership and mindset covering all relevant fields of action; on-site or hybrid.

Upskilling programs to empower your workforce

Elevate your workforce with our accessible online learning courses, 
providing self-paced learning and short, impactful modules that seamlessly 
integrate into daily work routines.

Project of Advanced Studies

Self-study online courses on digital trend topics delivered by university lecturers and industry experts and certificied with 3 ECTS.

Micro-Learning Online Courses

Scalable e-learning modules with self-paced 
learning and digestible 5-minute bites 
building digital proficiency.

Re- and upskill your workforce with 
our E-Learning Offerings

Our extensive course portfolio, featuring 60+ e-learning courses, empowers your 
workforce to accelerate skill development while gaining practical and relevant skills. 
From Digital Leadership & Mindset to Digital Technologies & Methods, our courses equip 
your employees with the tools to conquer the challenges of the digital era.

Digital Change

Module 1: Introduction 
Module 2: The need for change
Module 3: Challenges and benefits 
Module 4: Leading digital change
Module 5: Customer-centricity 
Module 6: Digital change KPIs
Module 7: Best practice cases
Module 8: Lessons learned 
Module 9: Digital change trends
Module 10: Business challenge

Digital Leadership

Module 1: Introduction 
Module 2: Who are digital leaders?
Module 3: Online communication 
Module 4: Leading virtual teams
Module 5: Team culture
Module 6: Emotional intelligence 
Module 7: Change management 
Module 8: Resilience
Module 9: Best practice cases
Module 10: Business challenge

Digital Mindset

Module 1: Introduction 
Module 2: Manage VUCA 
Module 3: Adaptability & agility
Module 4: Innovative thinking
Module 5: Willingness to learn
Module 6: Emotional intelligence
Module 7: Customer-centricity 
Module 8: Resilient thinking
Module 9: Growth mindset & vision
Module 10: Business challenge

Agile Management

Module 1: Introduction to Agile
Module 2: Agile principles
Module 3: Scrum
Module 4: Kanban methodology
Module 5: Lean management
Module 6: Agile project roles
Module 7: Agile team collaboration
Module 8: Agile leadership
Module 9: Agile retroperspectives
Module 10: Business challenge

Innovation Management

Module 1: Introduction 
Module 2: Innovation & disruption
Module 3: Design Thinking
Module 4: Ideation techniques
Module 5: Prototype & develop
Module 6: Innovation culture
Module 7: Innovation trends 
Module 8: Intellectual property
Module 9: Best practice cases
Module 10: Business challenge

Digital Security

Module 1: Introduction 
Module 2: Identify cyber threaths 
Module 3: Safeguard personal data
Module 4: Social engineering
Module 5: Securing devices
Module 6: Privacy settings
Module 7: Cyber security
Module 8: Security at work
Module 9: Best practice cases
Module 10: Business challenge

Each course is thoughtfully designed with 10 concise modules, each spanning 5 
minutes, ensuring optimal engagement and effective learning outcomes.

E-Learning Licensing Model

Adapt a culture of 
continuous learning 
with our E-Learning 
Flat Rate

Unlock unlimited access to our comprehensive e-learning portfolio with our annual flat rate fee. Empower your team with continuous learning opportunities across diverse topics, fostering professional growth and enhancing their skill set.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, skills have a limited shelf life, typically lasting only 3-5 years. So, how will you adapt? Rather than solely focusing on hiring based on existing skills, it's crucial to prioritize candidates' eagerness to learn and grow.

Frederik Thomas | University lecturer & former CIO

Digital Veterans Academy

Elevate your digital skills 
& stay ahead of the curve

The Digital Veterans Academy, in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences HSLU, is an educational institution that offers a wide range of upskilling programs delivered virtually, on-site, or in a hybrid setting.

Led by digital thought leaders and experienced university lecturers, our programs include keynote sessions, digital leadership seminars, scalable online courses with self-paced learning, and customized 'fit-for-digital' master classes.

With its cutting-edge curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, the Lucerne University of applied sciences and arts HSLU stands out as a leading education partner, ensuring that digital professionals receive the latest knowledge needed to excel in the digital age within a flexible learning environment.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gilbert
Professor of Computer Science HSLU

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