Establishing a Chief AI Strategy Officer: With Search & Co. at your side

Digital transformation requires companies to do more than just implement new technologies; it requires a strategic realignment in which artificial intelligence (AI) plays a central role. The key to success in this new era is establishing the role of a Chief AI Strategy Officer (CASO) - a leadership position that serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation through AI. Search & Co. is positioning itself as the ideal partner for companies to not only fill this essential role, but also to establish it effectively.

Why a CASO is crucial

  • Strategic integration of AI: Developing and implementing AI strategies that harmonize with business objectives.
  • Innovation leadership: Leading transformation through AI to unlock new business opportunities and efficiencies.
  • Risk and ethics: Ensuring that AI initiatives follow ethical guidelines and risks are carefully assessed.

The role of Search & Co:

As your partner, Search & Co. understands the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the introduction of such a key position. Our expertise and network enable us to offer customized solutions:

  • Specialized talent acquisition: We identify and attract leading AI strategy experts who not only have the technical know-how, but also the strategic business understanding.
  • Culture and strategy alignment: Our approach takes into account the company culture and specific strategic objectives to ensure that the selected candidates add real value.
  • Sustainable establishment of the role: We not only guide companies through the recruitment process, but also support the successful integration and establishment of the CASO position to ensure long-term success.


The introduction of a Chief AI Strategy Officer is a crucial step for companies that want to be leaders in the digital economy. Search & Co. stands ready as your partner to not only navigate this transition, but to optimize it. With our deep understanding of the dynamics of digital transformation and our expertise in talent acquisition, we are the key partner for companies looking to successfully establish this innovative role.