Launch of the Digital Veterans Association

A Leading Community for Digital Leaders

In our mission to build digital competencies and foster outstanding talent, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone. The founders of Digital Talent Advisory at Search & Co. have established the Digital Veterans Association, one of the most influential communities for digital leaders.

The Digital Veterans Association, a non-profit community, has been created to support the next generation of digital leaders. Our goal is to bridge competency gaps and actively shape the digital future of business and society through networking, education, and research.

A Community of Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to creating an inclusive community that fosters diversity and interdisciplinary exchange. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Computer Science provides us with a creative and innovative environment. Learn more about our goals and the vision of the Digital Veterans Association on our website:

Leadership by Experienced Chapter Leads

The Chapter Leads of the Association are seasoned leaders who have made significant impacts in various areas of digital transformation:

- Marcel Härtlein – Digital Transformation

- Romano Roth – Technologies

- Elisabete Ramalho – Digital Marketing

- Stephanie Kaudela-Baum, Prof. Dr. – Digital Leadership

- Robin Unger – Digital Advisory

- Isabelle Juchler – Digital Health

- Stephanie Naegeli – Digital Innovation

- Achim Plueckebaum – Data & AI

- János Heé – Growth Marketing

- David Luyet – Digital Talent

- Nathaly Tschanz – Immersive Realities

- Philipp Leutiger – Sustainability

- Marc Heuberger – Government

Together with our dedicated Board, consisting of Markus Dobbelfeld, Frederik Thomas, Oliver T. Gilbert, and Marcel Altherr, we are determined to set the course for a successful future.

The Digital Veterans Association is more than a community – it is a space for innovation, leadership, and growth. Together, we strengthen the future of digital leadership.