Celebrating 4 Years at Search & Co.

Wow, how swiftly time has flown! It's been an astounding four years since Search & Co. set sail on its digital voyage. Let's take a moment to commemorate our key milestones:

Upskilling Adventures: Picture this – just a day after we launched, the world hit the pause button with COVID-19. But did we let that halt our momentum? Absolutely not! In partnership with FHNW, we saw this as a golden opportunity to dive deep into the world of education, empowering hunderts of adult learners to master digital transformation, navigate leadership during crises, and so much more.

Digital Champions Galore: We've become the cupid of the digital realm, matching over 100 digital leaders with companies eager to drive innovation and spearhead digital transformation. Our unique ability to connect the right talents with the right opportunities has reshaped how companies embrace change.

Digital Assessment Suite: We crafted a powerhouse toolkit that goes beyond mere evaluation. It assesses an organization's digital maturity, uncovers the hidden potential in talents, and precisely measures digital competences across more than 80 digital skills.

Empowering Internal Talent: Our journey has been pivotal in empowering a multitude of organizations to enrich their staff with a digital mindset, and equip them with the skills for change and leadership. Through our comprehensive upskilling programs and Fit-for-Digital Masterclasses, we've catalyzed the development of internal talents.

As we reflect on these achievements, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers for their trust, the talented candidates who've partnered with us, and the eager learners we've had the privilege to upskill. Your faith in us has been the cornerstone of our success.