Are you making these 5 rookie interview mistakes?

Are you making these 5 rookie interview mistakes?

They sound like rookie mistakes. Yet, time and time again, we see even the most experienced applicants with impressive resumes making these mistakes. A positive first impression is thus ruined very quickly as a result.

Here are five common mistakes that even high potentials make before the big interview:

1st Mistake: Superficial Research

Every company wants employees who can identify with their employer. This starts with a healthy interest. Yet many applicants go into an interview without a deep understanding of what the company does. Therefore, don't shy away from careful research before the interview. Find out extensively about the company's history, its products, and its services. If possible, get the company's products and services: buy them, try them out, and talk to people who use them. In this way, you will appear interested and competent to the respective decision-makers.

2nd Mistake: Lack of Preparation Who Your Counterpart Will Be

Once the interview is scheduled, find out who you will be speaking with. Ideally, you know the names and titles of everyone who will be present during the interview. It shows interest if you ask the respective person coordinating beforehand if there is anything you need to know and consider when dealing with these individuals. Preparation is also about finding points of contact to break the ice. For example, "I saw on your LinkedIn profile that you spent two years in Singapore. My daughter is currently considering an internship there." Or "I see that the company just merged. That must be a very exciting and busy time." Such comments lighten the conversation and show personal interest.

3rd Mistake: You Don’t Ask Any Questions

At some point, the question comes along, "What questions can I answer for you?" If you then say you have no further questions, it comes across as disinterest and lack of engagement. Be prepared and, again, ask smart, strategic questions about your future responsibilities, goals, the job being advertised, or the department. Instead, reiterate how much the company appeals to you, that you enjoyed the interview and that you are interested in the position.

4th Mistake: Not Putting Your Phone on Silent Mode

You may be surprised at how often we've seen this happen. If your cell phone rings during the interview, it's a sign of carelessness and lack of respect. Turn your phone off or to silent before you reach the front door of the building. If you forget and your phone rings with a message or an incoming call, excuse yourself. Turn off your phone and do not answer the call.

5th mistake: Casual clothing

It's a simple yet very important tip: plan your outfit in advance and try it on. Make sure everything is clean, pressed and fits as well. Not every interview requires formal business attire, but you should still present yourself well-groomed and well-dressed. If possible, ask someone in your network who knows the company about the dress code. Otherwise, the secretary's office will certainly provide information on what is appropriate business attire.