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If you want to close digital skills gaps quickly, shorten the learning 
curve and accelerate digital change, partner with us to recruit 
top digital talent and succeed in this rapidly-evolving field.

Our network makes all 
the difference

When recruiting, we draw on our established network in the digital scene and make targeted use of the direct approach of talents to motivate even passive candidates to make the switch. Our experience shows that active sourcing is an effective way of counteracting the talent shortage in the market.

Our extensive international network of digital executives and experts enables us to find suitable talent quickly and in a targeted manner. Approaching passive candidates through active sourcing gives us access to a large talent pool, which ensures that we always find the best talent that matches your requirements profile.

Discover how our 5-step journey helps 
you source top-notch digital talent

Search & Co.'s active sourcing approach is based on a rigorous market analysis,
comprehensive evaluation of our clients' needs, and targeted candidate sourcing.
Our seasoned talent acquistion team and proven methodology allow us to attract
top talent quickly and sustainably.

Our functional focus 
Digital, Marketing, Technology

As a digital talent advisory, we excel in three pivotal functional areas for success in the
digital era: Digital, Marketing, and Technology. We source top-notch digital executives,
strategic marketing leaders, and skilled technologists who drive value from digital
business models and technologies. Unlock your organization's digital potential with our
expertise in connecting you with the right talent to accelerate growth and stay ahead in
today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Streamlining talent selection for a 
seamless hiring experience with our 
cutting-edge client portal

With our proprietary and web-based client portal, Search & Co. revolutionizes talent selection. Easily review presented candidates, compare talents, and vote for preferred candidates to create a shortlist. Our intuitive platform ensures a smooth and fast hiring process, facilitating collaboration between hiring managers and HR business partners. Experience streamlined talent evaluation, enhanced productivity, and exceptional hires with our advanced client portal.

Our proven track record 
gives us the credibility to 
help you succeed

Having been at the forefront of driving digital change for over two decades, we bring a wealth of experience as accomplished digital executives. We have successfully built and led large digital organizations at renowned companies, delivering remarkable economic results through innovative digital business models. This deep understanding and expertise enable us to know what matters when sourcing and developing digital talent.

Our talent strategies helped brands like these fill digital skill gaps
Supercharge Talent Acquisition

Streamline hiring with 
Recruiting as-a-Service

Unlock a constant pipeline of qualified and ready-to-hire candidates. In organizational settings with high fluctuation or a small succession pool, our Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) offering becomes a game-changer for your company. Benefit from a cost-effective solution that delivers top talent quickly, while freeing up your valuable internal resources for other critical business activities. With our subscription-based model, you gain access to a continuous pool of qualified candidates, ready to be hired when you need them.

Digital Veterans Association

Your gateway to a 

network of digital leaders

Through our Digital Veterans Association, a non-profit community established in close cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU, we engage a large community of highly qualified digital professionals. Partnering with us grants you unparalleled access to a vast network of digital talents.

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