From digital maturity to the right digital strategy

From digital maturity to the right digital strategy

Is it better to recruit external digital leaders or empower your own internal team? To answer this question, it is necessary to first grasp the digital maturity of your organization. This has a big influence on how well your company can compete in the market. That's why we at Search & Co. work with the baccalaureate analysis, which determines your digital maturity at the levels of employee, culture, technology, customer experience, leadership and strategy.

Create transparency

Among other things, the right personnel strategy for you is derived from these evaluations. We create transparency, as your employees are trained in digital change and what strengths and self-perception you have with regard to your own digital skills. From this, important steps for action are derived:

  • What leadership principles need to be changed to cope with digital change?
  • Do your employeeshave the successful skills?
  • How do we take our workforce on the journey of change and lay the foundations for it?
  • How can we promote innovation in the company and what is necessary for this?
  • Do we need new working models and technologies for change? If so, which ones?
  • How should active support of employees take place in order to introduce the process of change into the organization in a sustainable way?

But it is also about basic findings:

  • Wie erkennen Sie die digitale Kundenbedürfnissevon morgen? 
  • Wie entwickeln Sie die digitalen Geschäftsoptionen der Zukunft?
  • Are you technically able to realize these digital business options?
  • Is your corporate culture capable of realizing these digital business options?
  • Do your employees have the skills they need?

In general, the following applies: The higher your company's digital maturity, the sooner you should empower your own digital talents and develop existing resources. The lower the degree of maturity, the more important it is to recruit the right external digital executives and invest in training in a timely manner, as the following chart shows.

Do you know your company's digital maturity? 

We cordially invite you to find out. OurE Baccalaureate analysis has been carried out by managers with more than 20 years of experience (bothnationally and internationally – at SMEs and many large companies). The analysis is accompanied by Markus Dobbelfeld and Frederik Thomas. The two managing directors of Search & Co. are not fooled by anyone when it comes to digitalization, because they were already among the digital pioneers 20 years ago and know all the pitfalls. Benefit from 20 years of experience instead of making all the mistakes yourself. We are happy to support you in this!